10 Food Trends for 2020 by Whole Foods

Whole Foods has made its fifth annual food trends predictions for 2020. Regenerative Agriculture:  Farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture to create long-lasting environmental benefits. Flour Power:  Interesting fruit and vegetable flours (like banana!)  will enter the home pantries. Foods from West Africa: Brands will be looking …

Amazon’s Grocery-Store Plan Moves Ahead

Amazon.com Inc. is advancing a plan to open a chain of U.S. grocery stores with early outposts in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, according to people familiar with the matter…

Grocery Anchored Real Estate Research Reports 2019

The following quotes where used in the Tri-Land Retail Value Add Fund LLC brochure dated 09/2019. Footnote (1) – CBRE 2019 Food in Demand Series https://www.dropbox.com/s/ow3d8abj17a41qr/US%20Retail%20Food-In-Demand-Grocery-Report%20May%202019.pdf?dl=0 Grocery-anchored assets’ overall stability, their resilience to economic downturns and their relatively low e-commerce penetration rate ensure reliable traffic and sales.  This has made grocery-anchored shopping centers a favorable …

Salem Gate Groundbreaking

Tri-Land Properties to redevelop Salem Gate shopping center in Conyers, GA. Hobby Lobby and others seek to anchor this 220,000 SQF project.

Tri-Land Properties eyes $50M convention center for Century Plaza

Tri-Land owner of Century Plaza in Merrillville, IN presented a $50 million proposal that would convert properties to a convention center in two years.

Digital Maps or Paper Maps?

There was a great article posted by the Chicago Tribune, which discussed digital maps versus paper maps.  At Tri-land, we believe in the power of the paper map We have had entire offices, rooms and even vacant retail space dedicated to paper maps.  I have been asked many times, “Why don’t you just use Google Maps?” Or, “Why don’t you just digitize that?”.  I believe this article helps answer that question…

Retail’s Future – According to Kroger’s CEO

Five reasons for why retail is not going away according to Rodney McMullen the CEO of Kroger.

Deep Value-Add Redevelopment

In this video, we’re going to give an example of what Tri-Land means by deep value-add. It is important to understand that we just don’t paint the pig or update parking lots or even update a façade. We truly reposition these centers and bring new life to them.

What is a TIF and how does a TIF work?

Whiteboard explanation of how a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) works for retail real estate. Watch the 180 second video explanation on TIF.

Aldi Article August 2018

Some 10 years ago, Aldi didn’t sell olive oil; today it sells four kinds. The Batavia-based discounter also now sells vegan kale burgers, organic hummus and a slew of gluten-free products.